Topics Value Based Healthcare Course 2021

Introduction to VBHC

From theory of the value concept and all its components to the real implementation.

Development of outcome sets

What is an outcome set, what means generic, domain and disease specific?

Patient engagement

How to really involve patients, co-creation and co-evaluation.

Methodology of patient reported outcome

From international psychometrics to clinical application.

International clinical examples

Examples as pregnancy and childbirth, cleft lip and palate, breast cancer.

International benchmarking

Between country variation and what are the pitfalls in comparison.

PROMIS and computer adaptive testing

Patient reported outcome measurement information system, background and application.

Patient reported experience

Domains of patient centered care and how to measure and improve it.

Data management

Data management and data standards.

Team collaboration

High value is only achieved in healthcare in closely collaborating professionals.

Service design

The activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality. How do we do this in healthcare.

Care path development

Goals and key elements of care based on evidence and best practice.

Innovation management

How do we organize innovation in our organizations?

Value based contracting

How to move from fee for service to fee for performance?

Inequity in health(care)

Is there inequity and do we take differences for granted?

Please note that the topics are subject to change